I Need To Escape

I need to escape

My belongings I've packed
From the whole world I slacked
On a journey I embarked
To a place so intact
Where pandemonium is lacked

The world is bleeding
The humanity is rotting
In the dungeons of wickedness, forgotten
The magma of greed is erupting
From the mantle of our hearts, thrusting
Engulfing everyone, solidifying.

I need to escape

To a solitude and aloneness I choose
Among long trees and shrubs I crew
Into deep woods and grasses I cruise
Getting drenched from mists and dews

The grey cloud will roof over my head
In the green valley I will reside
By the laws of nature I will abide

The nightingales will put me to bed
Melodiously with their tunes
The canaries will watch over me peacefully as I sleep
The sun's golden rays will touch my face
Between clouds they infiltrate
Oh, the morning is near!

I need to escape

Into a place where there is no gloom
Flowers and roses all in bloom
Winds whisper and thunders boom
Serenity and peace in hearts abloom
Grief and sorrow sentenced to doom.

I need to escape

And leave the confusion behind
The chaos and the muddiness combined
To a place aptly enshrined
By the hands of nature beautifully designed.


by Muhammad Yusuf Musa

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Oh George, Stony Hearts they never bleed, They proceed to bleed others by their ways. When their time arises, they realize. Their sins arrowing them’ to bleed They can no longer find other ways.