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PKJ (September 25,1940 / Mavelikara in Kerala State of India)


Ever since I met you years back,
You’ve been lamenting over all that you lack.
Never have you expressed contentment
For what you have in large measurement.
Precious possessions you have aplenty,
While what you lack are really scanty.
You haven’t seen the plight of the needy
To compare and say why you shouldn’t be happy.
Look through the window into the street,
Stand awhile and see how people sweat
And toil for earning just enough to exist.
Male, female, young, and old are all at it.
Just see the kinds of people’s suffering.
Resigning to fate they’re badly struggling.
Hardship, rains, floods, or scorching heat,
They brave all these to earn and eat.
As the shoeless compares himself with the legless,
Compare yourself with the mass of luckless
Living below your high level, to realize
The privilege you enjoy my dear, and relax.
While searching for a missing little fruit
Don’t let luscious basketful to rot.
‘Wants’ know no ends. Their limits you must set
So that you don’t lose what you have in the net.

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