The Crows

We are the insatiable birds
Blackened colors, sharpened beaks
Not so precious or beautiful in your words
Crying from heights and intrudes in homes
Looking for opportune moments, to take away food
Even from the hands of little kids
Accusations many, stoning in number of times
The fact is we are the innocuous ones
Innumerable once upon a time, now threatened the life
The excess usage of pesticides and poisons
That you uses for high yielding and productivity
The balance of food we eats from garbage
Ourselves the garbage cleaner a noble duty
Otherwise the stench smell the world will impure
The water sources will pollute, there it difficult
To live in this world without us at least here
We have gone centuries the life in world
Our existence were smooth in centuries
The things is that now we are threatened the existence
Where the garbage is having such poisonous substance
And opportunities are meager to find out the food
The fruit bearing trees are minimum in numbers
The rain trees are so many in waste land
Only for a resting place in rain and sun we use.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Nice poem I like it very much