Poem Hunter
(12.9..1972 / Trivandrum, Kerala, India)


Discords everywhere, discords all the time
Disabled princesses of music
Grotesque faces of witches in a world of melody,
Flagrant specks afraid to soar up to heaven..
You have become a discord, a dissonance;
I am already existing as an insipid discord.

Helpless voices emanating from eternal grief
Vain dreams and hopes soaring up in you and me,
Also develop into added disharmony.
We are only meek, indistinct throbs
Out of a guitar of life, aroused yesterday
In the vamping by fingers in agony
By the unknown musician TIME..

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Comments (5)

Great poetic feat. It comes up as an amazing symphony of feelings and sentiments of a saddened (or discordant) heart. Really a heart touching poem. Congratulations & Thanks, Kunjubi.
There's even a discord between the graphic and the poem. Instead of a guitar, there's a violin. Perfect discord. Congratulations on Poem Of The Day.
a very thoughtful poem of ones melodic existence in the orchestra of life? ...........well written
Guitar of life...... congrats on beimg chosen.... a big 10++++
Disharmony! ! Thanks for sharing.