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Discount Heart
WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Discount Heart

You're staring at a simple man
A cowboy hat and a guitar in my hands

A pen and paper to write everything down
A rockabilly swing with a country sound

Green eyes hide a troubled man
This wasn't a part of my plan

But flowing the tides of life are
A sight the likes of a falling star

Sit and watch the broken crumble
Laugh about at the drunk man stumble

Smoke up your daily paycheck
The crashing down, worse than a car wreck

No one plans to be an addict
No one wants to be a convict

The struggling are the ones knocked down
The rich are given the golden gowns

The poor are given a cardboard box
Down the street, a car on blocks

Up the road, a mansion fit for a king
Every morning the whirly bird sings

This life is hell for the majority
The crooked are given the authority

I am a simple man with simple dreams
Peace and love and two scoops of ice cream

For the little girls and the little boys
Can't even give them brand new toys

Discount items for a discounted child
Love for the spoiled, allowed to run wild

A guitar on my back, a song for the part
No one ever listens to a discount heart

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