Discouraged From Mentioning Them

'Gray skies are gonna clear up.
Put on a happy face.
Wipe off the gloom and cheer'

Would you SHUT UP with that.
We are undergoing a crisis.

My, my, my.
This would 'not' be the same crisis,
'We' were undergoing
When some were then,
Discouraged from mentioning them?
Back at a time when a stirring of them began?

Would this be the same crisis,
When mentioned
There was a reluctance,
To put them to an end? '

Why are you so negative?
As if to provoke a justification,
To dwell in acts of cynicism.

'You know
You are right.
You do have a point.
I will leave you with your positive outlook.
Since it saddens me to be so happy,
Knowing I can confront truth.
With a looking on the brighter side of life.
And be delusion free.
What was I thinking? '

'Gray skies are gonna clear up'
are lyrics from the musical Bye, Bye Birdie.
Put On A Happy Face is the title of that song.
Words and Music by Lee Adams and Charles Strouse.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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