Have Ye Ever Smote Thee A Black Eye?

And as I watched
it shed a solitary tear of pure blood
and I knew
I was seeing it's very soul
drip down it's own cheek
into oblivion

The black eye had taken over the face
and it's hatred had spread to every nuance

By now
the eyes themselves were dead
they contained no light

The eyes represented
not life now
but death

And death smiled at them
and wiped the bloody tear
from their tender cheek

by E.J. Langley

Comments (4)

Oh Sylvia, you have captured the creative side of our universe in your composure brillently. I just adore your creative writing and can see many others do as well. Now I want to Thank You for sharing your gift with all of us and for giving us more of you. You are a Gem Sylvia. Your Reading Fan, Mickey Pig Knuckles :)
Rosie, I just finished helping my 9 year old grandson construct a model of the planets, so all of these felt very familiar! Scarlett
Very clever. The reader is captivated in the cadence of the words. It amuses and informs all at once. Excellent job!
You have kept the reader engaged and this is a beautiful style of writing.Brilliant! Love Duncan