Discover The Universe In Words

The sun is a planet too hot to survive.
A ball of fire that will burn you alive.
Mercury the heavenly body, that orbits the sun.
It's the smallest planet, the size of a bun.
Venus is the star that shines from above.
The planet Aphrodite, Goddess of Love,
she will orbit between Mercury and Earth,
this be the planet, where all give birth.
The third planet from the sun, with air to breath,
no way on this planet, would we ever leave.
It has an Arctic circle, far away from home,
and a South Pole region that is a frozen zone.
Deep green forests where trees stand high,
waving their branches into a clear blue sky.
Through a telescope, you will see the God of War,
just like the astronomers did years before
Mars and Jupiter surround Earth as well,
what can be found there, no one can tell.
Surrounded by asteroids, tiny planets so small,
between Jupiter and Mars, they create a wall.
Ruler of the World, in myth there is no other
It's the largest planet, we have yet to discover.
Saturn is the planet, with satellites and moons'
It's a dreary land with craters and dunes.
Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are the very last three
I think we all know who is the God of the sea.
This planet is the third largest of the few.
Now I will tell you about the very last two.
Uranus, became the very first ruler,
although in size it is somewhat smaller.
The planet Pluto, is the furthest from the sun,
The Brother Zeus, discovered in nineteen thirty one.
These are the planets, in our Universe
If we take care of the our planet, it may not disperse.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (4)

Oh Sylvia, you have captured the creative side of our universe in your composure brillently. I just adore your creative writing and can see many others do as well. Now I want to Thank You for sharing your gift with all of us and for giving us more of you. You are a Gem Sylvia. Your Reading Fan, Mickey Pig Knuckles :)
Rosie, I just finished helping my 9 year old grandson construct a model of the planets, so all of these felt very familiar! Scarlett
Very clever. The reader is captivated in the cadence of the words. It amuses and informs all at once. Excellent job!
You have kept the reader engaged and this is a beautiful style of writing.Brilliant! Love Duncan