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Discovered In Holes From Which They Hide
Lawrence S. Pertillar (February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Discovered In Holes From Which They Hide

When someone spineless,
Hides behind a false identity...
With a smearing of character believed achieved,
They do themselves the harm.

They expose themselves to be the cheese,
Other rats eat.

They become the ones to suffer pain.
Hoping to victimize another,
Will give them something to gain.

But they become the ones,
Finding themselves demonized.
They are the ones who become surprised,
That those who are attacked...
Are the ones with the allies!
They are the ones,
Discovered in holes from which they hide.

They are the ones,
Sleepless at night.
Destroying themselves,
And their own lives!

I was just kidding.'

~Don't worry about it.
You couldn't find anyone better,
Who loves a good joke! ~

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