Discovering Myself! ! !

Poem By Manjiv Singh

She said to me, 'You are messed up inside! '
It would have been better had she just lied,
'Why do you have to be so secretive? ' she would ask,
'Why can't you be yourself? Why do you wear this mask? '
What could I say that would make her understand?
Of how I feel and now where I stand,
It wasn't always like this in the past,
Now I can't help but think how long are 'WE' gonna last,
Had I really changed in the last one year?
Or did I always have this mask on me, the one that I now do wear,
Why did this thing in me not bother her before?
She seemed happy then but that's not the case anymore,
I'm trying to figure myself out,
What am I really all about?
Today I do not know the answer to this question,
But hopefully one day it will be in my possession! !

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'What am I really all about? ' -> I believe that many people are asking themselves the same question! Great job!

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