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LIke a shiny penny
You caught my eye.
I looked and moved on.
But each time I passed
I was struck again,
By something, I knew not,
But finally had to know.

Yet your answer
Answered me not.
So my interest was raised,
My curiosity came to play.
And so went my game.
Who is this person, this man?
What is it about him
I want to understand?
Why do I want to know?

It really was such fun
Getting to know a little here
And a little there.
But still I didn't know
But drawn to him, I was.
Well, whatever time there was
I took gladly
And never did our time
Grow any longer.
Just bits and pieces.
Here and there.
Time passed as it does
And it was your time to move on.
I knew that I would miss
Your presence,
But until you were gone
Did I fully understand
That through all these days
Of bits and pieces,
That I unknowingly
Had fallen in Love.
What a blow to know this
Without even a kiss.

My mind went spinning.
My Heart, my head
So out of control.
And all because I sensed
There was something there
In this person, this man,
That I wanted to know.

Well, through tortured days
I kept vigil.
Not understanding what best to do.
Until, at last, I needed
To make a break.
So it seemed you may never know,
How crazy you made me.

Spinning off my axis
Falling through time and space
With no gravity to
Hold me in place.
I wrote and told you
As best I could
That I was all akilter.

When no answer came
I wrote again to
Apologize for invading
Your personal space.
And moving on I was going.
It was past time I went.
And out of the blue
There was a letter from you.
You read my mail
And had truly been on the run.
And so began it all again.
Because now
You know my Heart.

And through these days of late
I have finally begun
To know you better.
You have let me into
Your personal space
And shared things
That were so surprizing.
It was a discovery
To know what treasures
You hold onto
And I hope there will be
More to discover
For me to treasure dear.

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