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Discovery Of Love
NL ( / United Kingdom)

Discovery Of Love

Love who is she, I don't know
She's the person in me, I never allowed to grow
People tried to buy her, she shook her head
and said
I'm not for sale,
People tried to touch her, she turned from pain,
screaming and stamping - no she cried in vain
I can live alone, her lip quivered,
A tear of sadness fell, I can she shivered,
But I need to find who love is and where she lives,
To meet her friendship need, "Love" I whispered
She appeared as a place where I can go
She had a kinda' orangey glow,
With calming pink and cleansing blues,
Holding in her arms peace and trues,
Energizing a tinge of excitement
Not one winge of resentment
Beginning in ones souls heart
from whence she does depart,
on her fulfilling journey of growth and creation,
to a multitude of destinations,
Whether a solo or duet is formed,
She began deep within and spread her wings
Through knowledge, nurture and kindness,
To bloom to her upmost tranquillity In harmony with every rhyme and reason.

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