HZH ( / California)

Discovery Together

Do you love me?
I cannot understand this,
This craziness that
Welled within me.
That only could be
Fulfilled by you,
And you have nothing
But surprized me
In your willingness
To discover,
That yes, we have a connection,
Of life and love
Between us that
Even you did not know could exist,
Yet lives because you listened.
With your Heart, your soul and your mind.
How surprized we are together,
That our onliness did find,
A spark of life between us
Coud be shared,
With equal time.
Our loving Hearts and minds,
In awe we are of us.
So much together,
So much alike,
Yet so different
In our space and time.
But, somehow, someway
We are......we.

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Comments (1)

True Emotions expressed perfectly through these fine lines. Beautiful awareness could not have prepared us for this. I have to believe that others have experienced us in themselves, as we in them. Who are all these usses anyway? lol Thank you for a perfect way to end the day. Love, Always, We Be In