(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Discrediting Their Credibility

This begins to be seen in their eyes.
They have begun to become traumatized.
By their own told lies.
As if they had been hypnotized.
To dramatize but suddenly realize,
They have placed their lives...
In discrediting their credibility.
With a doing of it,
To face and submit to an unrelenting jeopardy.
Done to do.
As they gamble with odds not on their side.

Traumatized by their own told lies.
Once to deny them then use alibis.
But today they are chased.
From wherever liars try to hide.
Hunted and stripped.
From masks and tasks that reveal their wickedness.
And no more can they in masquerade charade.
Since truth to face.
Has much more,
Than just an eyebrow to raise.
Truth to face makes it known,
Playing with it...
Can become a hazard to one's mental health.

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