(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Discretion To Deceive

Why is it some people seem both shocked,
And surprised with amazement...
By those who got up out of ruts,
To live productive and happy lives?

And this done inspite of the ones,
Doing their best to address blemishes and flaws...
We all have but not those selected,
To be picked upon to go through hell.

Criticising every step, effort and movement made,
There are actually some people offended...
By others who get attention,
To wish evil upon them with their discreton to deceive.

'We can not find anyone with us to unite.'

~Maybe those disliked and out of the loop,
You should contact and reconsider? ~

'And what would that prove? '

~You never know.
If attempts were made to ruin my life.
And I knew the people who were instrumental,
In destroying every sound relationship I had...
I would forgive them.~

'Oh yeah?
And why? '

~I wouldn't be here in the same room with you right now,
If I did not comprehend...
I am the last friend you have.
And you pretend to be mine.
That's why I suggest you contact those you've backstabbed.
Because I am getting tired of pretending.~

'You have no idea how difficult it is to be me.'

~That's great.
Now save that to say to those you contact.~

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