Man, 'Why are these names,
He, she, I, you, my, yours? '
'Why so vulgar adjectives,
Black, white, rich, penurious,

by Saheb Mohapatra Click to read full poem

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If partiality be immortal And keep breeding here, It shall ever cast its shadow on men's future. Really super composition. Each line is memorable and meaningful. Nicely penned.
learn from the dark night, For it never discriminates, Learn from a tree, Who, to every lone man, blissfully sheds, ...great work.........................
Discrimination - A NICE THEME- every thing is not bad..but black heart thought discrimination is evil nice poem thank you
Discrimination of any sort is contemptible.....! But unfortunately we see people being discriminated in all spheres of life! If one is able to see the other as himself.. there won't be any question of discrimination! A very mature write Saheb!
a great thought nicely composed.
Very well scripted on discrimination with very good message......... well done......top marks
Yes! The world is like that. Thanks for sharing this nice poem with us. E.K.L.