A Walk To Know

That path down the countryside
never seemed so long
and every time i zoomed past
i knew i wasn't wrong

The green bushes alongside
never really beautified it
until one fine day,
when i walked through it.

The endless green stretches
always seemed to end
no words to me,
did they ever send

neither did the flowers blush
nor did the bushes smile
until one fine day
when i walked that lovely mile

thats what happens
when we zoom through people
we notice them better
than i small black better

once someday try to 'walk'
through those you think you know
and you'll learn how to you they bring
the beautiful sun and snow!

by white dove

Comments (3)

great poem, used it for a school project
I really liked this poem very much it show us how we are the people and beliefs it jives very well to our topic about discrimination, good job! ^_^