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Disdained In Perplexity
KWM ( / 2nd February)

Disdained In Perplexity

Poem By Kimani wa Mbogo

Times of scorching sun, dry land and very clear sky;
When animals never survived and the poor would die,
Rich in their respective mansions and golden palaces,
Gap between the rich and the poor separated the two races,
When wild fruits were so scarce, valuable and edible
Everyone was so desperate and completely feeble.

Dry skeletons and corpses scattered here and there,
Days when no relief or well-wishers could hardly appear,
Everything was cool and no laughter could be heard,
When survivors were fewer than those who unluckily died,
No vegetation for the bare land and the rivers were very dry,
When the surviving horses would neigh and babies cry.

Some ignored and incited others others to disdain,
We all tried to cry for help but all was totally in vain;
Our sad moments of mourning and serious desperation,
When we all sunk in the state of perplexity and confusion,
Journalists only interrogated, snapped and recorded;
Politicians too visited the scenes - but never supported!


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