Poem By Jazzy Davies

She sits, crying softly,
weeping for her lost innocence,
remembering the love they once shared.
Her heart now barren,
desolate in its captive wilderness.
Tears fall for the pain and grief,
selfishness brought upon herself,
missing his love, but turning him away.
Her destiny strewn with her mistakes,
pieces of broken dreams litter her path
dark disillusions shadow her brow
and peace seems so out of reach
so there she sits, with her hurt
waiting for the light once again.

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Insatiable...(For You)

There's not enough time in this lifetime for us
no time for talk
no time for sleep
The need inside me is an ache


When will you arrive?
waiting, not sure for what, or for whom
an absence felt, a yearning known
just knowing

The Smellpotpig

Its abode was the linen cupboard, in the corner of our room
A lesser known creature, nocturnal and vile


You were the hardest one to fool
you knew me inside out
knew my innermost thoughts, hopes, desires
it took some planning


She lays there, forehead damp,
chestnut hair fanned out,
cheeks flushed,
content smile playing on her lips,


Sittin' here, smilin'
thinkin', whilin'
away time
before I get dialin'