(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Disgraced Into Obscurity

The evidence for impeaching this leader,
Has become overwhelmingly significant.
Leaving the proof and truth of it,
Too mindblowing.
That even a bat, hanging upside down.
With wings covering its eyes.
Done deep in a darkened cave,
Is shakened awake from the smell.
Recognizing it from its visits to hell.

Why are those in the know,
Tip toeing around...
Beginning proceedings for impeachment?
If evidence and proof is that overwhelming."

Who knows.
It could be they are stimulated to create,
Another tactic.
Another tactic never used before.
With a viciousness to implement.

"What could that be?
Besides awaiting for other investigations,
Now being conducted to be completed."

A possible disgracing someone like this,
Into unmistakable obscurity.
With a viciousness beyond wicked.
To then...
Impeach them.
With no one left to deny the process.
To perceive this action to take,
Is deserving for who has debased...
The seat they held to create division.
Even that blinded bat in the cave,
Will celebrate in broad daylight.

"Yeah, but...
What about those followers.
The ones hypnotized.
Loyal to fault their given support,
To someone discovered to betray them."

They still have a choice.

"What choice could they possibly have left? "

A lifetime of unrelenting, unforgiving nightmares.
Begging that bat,
To share its space.
Deep in that darkened cave.
After a series of undergoing,
Painful plastic surgery.
In the hopes they will never be associated,
As accessories to crimes they allowed to permit.
Not directly involved or essential,
To the act of them being performed.

"You mean...
Like being enchanted and smitten by,
The awful lawlessness of it? "

More like,
Vowing to remain faithful.
To someone thought to be an angel.
Then awakening one early morning.
Shocked to find,
That person removing a halo.
For a preference to adorn,
Horns and a full imitation of Lucifer.
Hooves, a tail and fangs!
Capable to stay charming.

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