(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Disgraced Stage

The price paid for making false impressions,
May not affect immediately...
Those seeking acceptance and entry,
To be amongst those choosing to rub elbows...
With others picked to be in exclusive social circles,
Parading proper etiquette and political correctness.
Although they 'sin' they forgive themselves of them.

Is it advantageous to participate in deception,
With others equally pretentious and selling their souls cheap.
To experience eventually an exclusive embarrassment.
When it has been exposed a prerequisite is selfisness?
And charading a decadence they solicit but to others censor.

Reality has a way of grabbing the limelight,
From hypocrites depicting themselves as self-righteous.
With a taking away the attention from those fighting to get it.
To then discover a wanted spotlight getting much too hot.
Especially when an influence begins to fade and show,
A plague of corruption involves those at the center of it.
As if proud to stand on a disgraced stage committed to dismiss.

'We uphold our standards we value.'

~But at what cost? ~

'Don't be foolish.
Yours, of course.
We play, you pay.
What's the big deal? '

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