(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Disgusting Trash

I am thrilled and feeling exuberant.
It's the new product line we are soon to market.
To capture the imaginations of old and young alike.
We have chosen certain key demographics,
For testing this weekend.

Our campaign blitz prepared for Disgusting Trash,
Is like none other we have attempted.
We are going to ensure our latest product,
Gains in both educational and entertainment fields.
Are there any questions?

'This is not a question, sir.
I have a statement that should add onto the excitement.
Our sales projections have exceeded expectations.
We have already over one million prepaid orders,
That has elevated Disgusting Trash,
To become the most sought after product EVER! '

That is great and excellent news.
I have previewed the new videos for TV?
I was overwhelmed,
To see the most adorable preschool children...
Loving Disgusting Trash.
Ladies and gentlemen...
We have a hit on our hands.

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