Each one should have their responsibility
For one's home to have peace and harmony
Each one should do their part
Do your duty from the heart

You should help your mom in the groceries
You should also have your priorities
You can fix your bed and clean your room
Doing that won't lead to your doom

Be responsible in what you do
It's as simple as tying a shoe
Don't be tired, though it may sound crazy
It's actually fun, don't be so lazy

I hope you will listen to my little poem
And I hope you'll help your parents at home
All the things you should be filled with excitement
These will help in effective home management

by Geneen Meyers

Comments (17)

What a fine description of disillusionment by one of USA's greatest ever poets. Dreams cocooned in a white world. Magnificent technical quality especially in the last four lines.
None are green, Or purple with green rings, Or green with yellow rings, Or yellow with blue rings. None of them are strange Beautiful description of disillusionment.
Gloomy moments of life don’t offer rainbow of colors. Wallace’s imagination brings beauty to some some such moments. A super read.
Haunted by white night-gowns....WHITE is associated with Terribly ghostlike moments during night time. Or this is metaporically meant something else. A magnificent TEN for the late WALLACE STEVENS, may his family and decent have great fun with this choice of Poem of The Day, sincerely Sylvia Frances Chan, Dutch Poetess
In God's green earth and colourful world only white reigns that time may look pale and ghastly to him and of course in a sense there has been disillusionment, both as to himself and as to the world with no imagination at all.....can you think of a world like this though with a consolation of a drunk sailor catching tigers in red weather........very well crafted with great imagination.........thanks for sharing
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