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Disintegrated Islands
SB Spandan Bhattacharyya (17.03.1968 / Kolkata, India)

Disintegrated Islands

Saturated relationship, repelled the islands,
and they are disintegrated apart.
They wait for another cyclone or earthquake
which will reconcile them by part.

They will exchange garlands and
get united again, as the same
And will roam around the hills and valleys
in pursuit of name and fame.

This again will cause their relationship
to reach the stage of repulsion
Thus creating earthquake,
that again causes disintegration.

O, the beggar of name and fame,
you and only you can keep
them bound together,
and integrated as the same.

Original language: Bengali, Poet: Spandan Bhattacharyya
Translation: Spandan Bhattacharyya

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