To The Sun, The Moon, And The Stars

The light you gave that gives life to all Humanity,

That smiles brightly, that shines every morning, I always appreciate Truly.

If I can't look at you straight, your heat touches Naturally.

To the Sun, Thank You for giving me Hope each day.

You are far from my imagination that speaks of your Existence.

Without you at night time, living and non living things Die.

People are partying, working, sleeping, without knowing that your there; Present.

To the Moon, Thank You because you're Loyal while other's lie.

Your sparkling, twinkling, smiling at us while doing our own Stargazing.

Your outnumbered, cannot be counted, but, your presence are worth Remembering.

I don't know how I feel, looking at me blinking, wonderful Feeling.

To the Stars, Thank You for giving me a happy Ending.

To the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars in the Universe,

Thank You; Without all of you God is not there Listening.

by Reagan A. Latumbo

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