Do You Know

Do you know?
The moon that brightened
Nights of the earth,
The destiny
Allowed Him to travel laterally,
And His fortune was written
In the dark deficient inks,
He moves around daily
To finish His journey,
He burns daily
In the wilderness of deprivations,
Love bestowed Him rotation of the Earth,
The same Earth
That has put over the snow of frigidly,
Wore the dress
Of the blue deep water of the seas.
Since long
She has been engrossed concealing
In the core of heart,
The magnetic zones, hot magma of love.
Do you know?
The moon that has been nourishing
For centuries His parting pain,
By burning His own body,
And enlightens the vast patio of the Earth,
She with disloyal adamant heart,
Till today has been changing Her sides,
And making Her routes Her circles,
She has been moving on for centuries.
Do you know?

Written by Shazia Akbar
Translated by Muhammad Shanazar

by Muhammad Shanazar

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