I’ve been disowned
My name have been taken from me
Families have turn their backs on me
That road full of traps and disappointment is been
Taken alone
The place I used to call home has turn into a
Building full of pain.
“Unconditional love” they say, but make
a mistake that love will be taken
away from you.
If when a love one dies you’re in pain
What are you when the one who gave
You life walks away from you when you
Needed her the most.
Disowned and ignored.
Feel like running away? You’re not alone
It’s better to leave than being thrown out
In the cold deserted world.
Life will hit you hard when least expected.
The only unconditional love comes from
The one up there, God
At least no matter how many times
You’ve made the same mistake
He will be waiting to forgive you and tell you
Everything is going to be ok.
“Family is all you have, you can always count on them”
but remember they will always hurt you the worst.
I’ve been disowned.
Have you?

by Laurore Jean Pierre

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A pitiable family background, which deserts a poor member of their own, to suffer in pain and cry for the love of God. Surely God loves such wounded souls.