BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)


The Lord uses dispensations, to touch the heart of many nations,
This is a specific period of time, within The Lord’s Eternal Design,
When you see The Lord’s hand, working within a peoples or land.
It is during these times when, He’s dealing with the hearts of men.
The first was the Garden of Eden, the one before man knew of sin.
Man was given control over all; this was before Adam had his fall.
They were barred from one tree, but by Satan they were deceived.
For it was in Eden’s Garden, that man’s heart first was hardened.
Next is where things got worse, this is where God placed a curse,
Man was now banned from paradise; for this was sin’s awful price.

With sin now tainting His Plan, God would turn to a righteous man,
He would destroy all life on earth, but Noah, one with special worth.
God would start this world anew, by using Noah and his family too.
And God made a covenant with him, never to flood the earth again.
Next God turned to Abraham, making a covenant for a special land,
This would be the land of Israel, given promises that God shall fulfill.
A land that God would set apart; as it is very special to God’s heart.
It would be through this nation; God would bless and bring salvation.
God would then turn to Moses to, deliver out of bondage every Jew,
Out of Egypt they would come, returning to the land they were from.

Israel was given the Oracles of God, in the land that they would trod,
Moses was also given The Law, beginning redemption for man’s fall.
In the Palestinian dispensation, Israel is dispersed into every nation,
But God will indeed restore the land, by His Mighty Sovereign Hand.
Although it is His special nation, He wants to reach all with salvation,
And bring blessings to the cursed; in the nations they are dispersed.
This brings us back to David’s throne, for God’s nation on the roam,
God promised David one of his own, would always be on his throne.
David’s throne was promised to be, occupied through all of Eternity,
All the nations soon will see, David’s promise by God for prosperity,

This brings us to this dispensation, and this is one for every nation,
For presently in this Age of Grace, for every nation God has a place.
Many blessings spoke of to Israel, The Lord Jesus Christ shall fulfill,
For He is the Son of David friend, whose earthly reign will never end.
This is the New Covenant spoke of, Christ’s New Covenant of blood,
It is through the blood of Jesus Christ, who was God’s final sacrifice.
This covenant provides for every man, a place in God’s Eternal Plan,
It is God’s one and only salvation, not only for one, but every nation,
Redeeming men from every nation, while in God’s final dispensation.
And only through the blood of Christ, can man reenter into Paradise.

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