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DJB (11-27-1961 / Oakland)


Today as I walking I found a picture of a little boy as I stared at this picture I began to experience pain in a way never before. I found it to be extremely hard to walk away with a smile. I write these few words as I stare at the little boy in this picture, I could feel the hurt and pain he must have had in his heart as he stood and cried.

I continued to stare and to my amazement I imagined myself stepping into the picture and speaking to the little boy. Tears will last only a little while yet pain, hurt and misery will last it seems like an eternity. We must continue to journey through this world filled with anger, bitterness, hardships and heartaches yet as we journey we will make very many mistakes. Some of these mistakes will be embedded in our hearts and minds for as long as we live and with each mistake we make we also must learn to forgive.

As I stepped out of the picture the little boy dried his tears. Though hardened by pain he seemed to say to me your advice has changed my life and those few words have added to my years. For this Little Boy was beging and pleading for courage to go on, asking Jesus for his mercy to be strong.

Copyright © Dalton Joseph Brown II

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After every pain comes strength. A touching and powerful poem. Excellent. best wishes suzan
your love for children comes through. well said dalton.