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Disposable Memories
EK Ellie Keen ( / )

Disposable Memories

'Put the camera away - not another photo.'

It becomes clear to me,
You don't understand the purpose of a picture,
The reasoning behind it.
Disposable memories. Captured. Caught.

Why take a picture? To document your life,
To embrace the good moments;
To cherish them.
And to dispose of the bad;
The regretful.

A photo is a memory.
Deleting a picture isn't erasing a memory,
But it's a start to moving on,
To forgetting the past.

To take a picture is to capture beauty,
To capture life when it's at it's best.
In some cases it's just a way of getting the one you love to smile,
Even just for one second,
A moment of glory. Perfection.

So I'm sorry for always pulling out the camera,
For wanting to capture the times we're together.
But we don't know how long we're going to last,
But a picture;
If well kept,
If cherished,
Can last forever.

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Langston Hughes


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Great poem. What was your thoughts and feeling at the time of writing this?