(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Disputed To Debate

No matter who says what to have believed.
The only true constant we've been given,
And blessed to receive is life to live.
If this should be questioned...
By anyone who awakens.
To take for granted the air they breathe.
It is not being deceived to believe,
Without having facts that supports the truth.
It is what they keep in their minds.
That for whatever the reason,
They can not find prayer and faith...
To eliminate what is faked.
With it done to rely on God.
As most are heard to say,
They do everyday.
But somehow can not face the truth.
That appears all around them.
And God produces.
Yet for those who make claims,
They remain faithful and pray.
Truth to be revealed is disputed to debate,
The disbelief of its reality.
That should not be doubted.
But often tossed about.

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