(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Disruptive Interruptions

Are those,
Disruptive interruptions.
Dysfunctional and yet,
Becoming less tolerated...
By those who have lost patience
With interfering pests.
Speaking loudly over others,
Also participants...
In the increasing that heats,
An atmosphere of unrest.
And all somehow expect,
Their voices and opinions...
Heard to get,
Undivided attention given.
From those already tensed...
Listening to the petty,
And decades old arguments.

But few,
With any common sense,
On view to use...
Seem willing to prove,
They've been introduced...
To respect.
Or show they know its meaning.
And yet...
Huff and puff to become upset,
When told mouths left open.
To leave ears and minds closed.
Seldom is the road to take...
For anyone expecting,
Success to come.
Or think it bestowed.

'Hood' poses are taken.
Eyes widen and begin to roll.

Excessive ignorance.
With this understood?
And those who have done...
The best they could,
Stop trying to understand...
Why adults with childish minds,
Spend less time...
Than they should,
Growing up to mature...
Somewhere to find it.
Even if this means leaving...
Repeating routines,
Kept stale to mold.
And growing older with age!

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