(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Your turned back does not bother me!
What bothers me is your stupidity...
And your accepted ignorance!
You sink like those who refused to be told,
They've reached the limits of competence.
You think like those who are holding on very bold...
To lifestyles and thoughts,
Dropping quick into 'sinkholes'!

Your turned back doesn't both me!
What bothers me is many see
A definition of life that doesn't define clearly.
And when truth is ignored...
Because it upsets those abhorred,
I'm curious what 'freedom' is seen that frees?

Something isn't mixing like it ought to be!

Your turned back doesn't bother me!
As much as my lack of concern...
Seems to bother you!
And I have lots of that to offer.
I do not miss this dismissing I'VE 'dissed'!

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