Distance - A Different Language

Lost in the desert dunes
Wind blowing across my face
Taking away some part of me
The feet sunken in sand
The dryness of the throat
The thirst, the hunger
The emptiness surface
Howls of despair
Eyes shut, Mind undisguised

Transformed to another world
Vision blur, eye slowly open
Bright luminous blue light
Clear, Unblemished Skies
Crystal clear, Glass like floor
Like floating in air

Something fresh, something new
Beautiful, unadulterated sound
Must be angels? Am I in heaven?
Glimpses of gleaming objects passing by
Far in the Distance - A figure
Who arth thy? I ask
No reply, only silence

Hope against hope
For one glance, one rebound
Just as deprivation kicked in
Something happened, as if there was change
The figure came closer
I could see now - Bright and clear
Pellucid face
Gleaming eyes
Blissful smile
An angel stood in front of me
As if nirvana found me!

A splash!
Wake up! Wake up!
Reality awakened me
A sudden sense of loss
Soon it all disappeared
A smile back on the face
Knowing, All I need is to get back
To jump, to fly, to run
To the only one, one who completes me
It’s you! It’s you! It’s you! - My angel

by Jithu Varghese

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