(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Distance. And Nonexisting Assistance

To achieve a title to get,
That is revealed before others to see...
A success has been obtained.
May leave one reluctant,
To express happiness.
And the feeling of it one has also gained.
For the purpose to maintain it effectively.

Although showed and kept to charade,
Is an accomplishment achieved.
While others who witness this,
Are kept with their own disbeliefs...
That what one does to receive attention,
Has left them without opportunities.
None to see or even mention.

'What have they done,
To have been shared with anyone? '

And nonexisting assistance.~

'But why? '

~Who knows.
Perhaps they tried.
But became despised for their efforts made.
You know how 'we' can get.
Whenever anyone makes an attempt,
To share with 'us' anything positive...
Immediately 'we' become suspicious.
To then from us leave to declare their efforts,
Selfish and self-centered.~

'But WHY do we do that? '

~From a love to protest a hindsight.
With belief an 'insight' developed overnight,
Will turn back a clock...
To allow us to re-assess and examine,
The benefits of having envy and jealousies.~

'There is no benefit in that.'

~Is that your 'insight'?
Or 'hindsight' speaking? ~

'A little bit of both.
With age and reality to face.'

~Time also has a way,
To distance us with nonexisting assistance as well.
Especially when lessons that should be learned,
Are ignored like children often do.
To believe they have time to make excuses,
For themselves.~

'I resent your comments.'

~And I am sure it is not the first time,
You have resented what has been said to you.~

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