Poem Hunter
WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)


Friends, like the fleeting wind of change
The world goes around two more times
I feel like the target on a rifle range
Did it get lost in the unusual rhymes

Am I going absolutely insane
Or am I loosing everything I've known
The winds of the past are they to blame
Is it the reaper or just what I have sown

My friends have become distant
Is there something or someone to blame
My life has changed in an instant
Is it something I did or am I being framed

I can't seem to find the answers
I'm being shunned unknown to why
These worries become cancers
Is it built on the truth or is it a lie

I only wanted to be there for them
I hope they will realize that
If I knew I could atone for my sins
In this group I feel there is a rat

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