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Distant, But Not Forgotten
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Distant, But Not Forgotten

Poem By Jon Lloyd

When I think of you so far away
Across that stretch of sea,
I cannot help but wonder if
Sometimes you think of me.

Some years have passed by since we met
And we have both moved on,
But the moments that we shared alone
To both of us belong.

Perhaps the circumstances or
The timing weren’t quite right;
I often wish I’d made more of
Our time alone that night.

Your smile and – oh! - those sparkling eyes
Are ever here with me
When I think of you so far away
Across that stretch of sea.

©2005 Jon Lloyd

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Comments (7)

Melanie Agua is right... it's a poem everybdy can relate to -I think-... Good job! Love it!
The physical may not be attainable, but the memories cannot be erased.... Oh! Unless Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind gets us! ! ! I loved this...made me smile wryly at moments forgotten.
Maybe at least once in every man or woman's life is a story like this. Something we can all relate to. There's always that 'one' remembered. ^_^ Good job!
I love this one. The distance are just spaces, but the love stretches out for miles. That's so true.
Love this Jon, so lovely, 'tis true we only see the worth of the ones we didn't catch! Why is that? Nice tribute to love..... HG: -) xx