Distant Love

In my arms where she can lay until her eyes shut and her mind opens only to see somewhere we can stay together with each other and without disturbances, no place more enchanting than face to face looking into her eyes, soaking wet as I melt away the fear and second thoughts that block her true identity from me, the chain of past relationships finally crumbles from around my torso as I reach out for her hand, so soft the friction between my fingers and her waist as she slowly steps closer, creeping up on tip toes as I glance once more into her heart, smiling to see my name's tattooed across the front of it, anxious and willingly she leans in as I lift her inches off the ground to eye level as we both shut them, lips make physical contact...... only to be ripped away as my dreams and her distance throw us towards different ends of the world, leaving me to be dragged a stray and her a far hoping and wishing for each others presence once again. -poetic

by Charles Guidry Jr

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