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Distant Love
KA (19 March 1989 / Panama City, Panama)

Distant Love

You are the love of my life
And none can compare.
But your sight is like a knife
It’s more than I can bear.
I know how far you really are
But I don’t really care.
You are still my shinning star,
My maiden so fair.
I am so entirely self-centered,
Like you would not believe;
In your family’s house have you entered,
But still I try to cleave.
To hear your voice would be bliss,
I do not think I could endure.
After all you are not just some priss,
Nor the girl next door.
You truly are one in a million,
The last of your kind.
Heck, lets say one in a billion
Apart from this worldly grind.
Surely you are God’s elect,
His special chosen child;
For only a few could He select
Who were loving, gentle and mild,
Who in their countenance could be shown
The work of the Master’s hands,
Living proof that we are God’s own
And you fit those demands.
I know I will love you
From now until forever,
You I can look up to
And that no distance can sever.
Now close your eyes
And lay down your sweet head
And know that you are loved
Forever and ever amen.

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