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Distant Lover
LC (11/25/1962 / Chicago, Illinois)

Distant Lover

Poem By Louis Charriez

How does one begin when you dream of a distant lover?
Do you try and enjoy the image in your head?
Or the laughter you once heard?
Do you play the thoughts you once had in life,
that makes you wonder. Will she keep me warm when its cold? orhappy when i'm sad? How far it is to know how close she is.
When will i be able to touch her hand?
When will i stand behind her and run my hands down the sides of her body?
Will the scent on her neck wake me from from this deep sleep or will it make me more relaxed to enjoy all that she is?
How will man ever be himself if he can think of her but never feel her touch?
Images are all that we need but never have.
The thoughts that make that distant closer will give one peace.
Do i feel her now?
In my soul she exists, in my heart she is real.
When i wake she will be there.
Next to me with her legs wrapped in mine.
No more distant lover.

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