Distant Lovers

Poem By Juanita Richardson

i know what you want
and you know what i need
i want to be with you
and you need to be with me
only two days we've known
and the truth to be shown
that we knew since day one
together is where we belong
a leader and a lover
destined to be
learning each other desires
realizing our similiarities
so glad that you say
that u are really feeling me
and you should know that our distance is
already killing me
cant wait to give you a kiss
wrap your arm around my hips
spend hours by you side
as you lips caress my lips
this is more than infactuation
so impressed that you hear what im sayin
haven't met face to face
still u fill that empty space
not worried about complications
cause very clear is how we make it
looking forward to a lifetime
of happiness
still day by day
is how we'll take it

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