Summer Rain

Outside it rains
Sitting in my porch I watch,
The elements mix and mingle
Kneading the pulverized dust

This is summer rain.
It comes and goes
Like teenage romance
Licking rising flames of heat

It sinks fast into the mud
Promising new sprouts of green
Sieving deeper into my mind
Reviving faded dreams!

Rain drops flop and break
Over boulders and flow downwards
Raising the scent of roasted earth
Mixing with the smell of fresh Jasmine

I hear the roar of wind
Trees casting leaves by its current
Spectres of green spiralling down
And flown hither and thither

I watch the race of truant clouds
And how they collide on their track
Breeding florescent light and rumbling sound
Like a small firework in the sky

I hear the rain all around
Hold it in my palm
Feel the thrill of the first firm grip of my love
And my senses aglow with a soothing calm

These summer drops carry such grace
How the starved earth sucks them in!
On asphalt roads how they glide and dance
And how quickly disappear out of sight

As I look on, the rain stops
And its rattle suddenly stilled
Like a beautiful concert
Abruptly closed, leaving waves of joy!

The sky that peered through veils of grey
Beamed and brightened once again
With all its ache washed away
In the purging tears of crystal drops!

by Valsa George

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