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Distorted Destiny
AD (15.11.1987 / Kolkata)

Distorted Destiny

Poem By Anuradha Datta

The emotions deep inside me begin to whirl up within
As the images of the past sweep by my mind
Shadows of deadly betrayal imprison my brain
And impressions of shattered faith is left behind

With memories of the past surrounding me
I lost myself once more in thoughts of thee
I know not when I lost my conviction
Suffering from the woes of eviction

Oceans of tears flowed from my eyes
With each tear a sentiment died
There was no support
There were no sighs
Night after night I simply cried

In the arms of despondence now I lie
Remembering each beat of our heart
With each thrash now my feelings die
With each passing moment we further part

My eyes burnt, I weep no more
Darkness and gloom reign over me
With eyes of my mind I saw a “we”
What with open eyes I couldn’t see

My prayer still unanswered
My contemplation still vague
My body still untouched
My soul still enduring the plague

There is no end to the feeling of being slaughtered
For sorrow and pain are now friends of mine
May you be blessed now and forever
For my true heart shall always remain thine

My feet has finally struck the ground
And I find myself lonely no more
The waves break with a shattering sound
And I reach out my hand to touch the shore

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Comments (4)

This is beautiful, packed full of emotion and feeling. DK
Another song sung in a deep emotional way, but music flows thro' every line. The poetic style shows excellence.
This is very touching Anu. So much of pain in it. Hope things are okay. Keep up your good work.
A Good thoughtly worded poem of an youngster with a matured mind.Just change this sentence'For sorrow and pain are now friends of mine' to 'For sorrow and pain are now enemies of mine'.Hats off to you Anu. Get going to the heights of poetic hill with your tender heart of late teen.