Distracted By Your Ravenous Beauty, I Fell Into Your Trap.

What I saw in you before, is gone.
I can definitely see past your loving eyes and carefully cared for body.
It was all a lie.
A trap.
I was just something to pass the time.
Like a toy for a little child;
I'm broken now, no longer loved, cared for, thought about.
I wish I could slow time down.
Feel your warm arms around me.
Your soft, detailed lips against mine,
One last time.
I can see now, that I was the only one with the love.
You said you loved me, but yet you loved the idea of me.
I got distracted by your outer beauty to notice your inner.
I can see it now..
As the day's grew on, your outer beauty began to rub off.
You have no inner beauty.
You were a con.
You still are.
I can't believe I didn't realize the moment I met you.
It's my fault I have a giant black hole through my chest.

by Alicia Reinhart

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i know exactly how you feel, but don't beat yourself up. it's not your fault- it's his