(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Distracted From The Facts Of Life

If I may take the time,
To express what I have witnessed...
Not to go away but stays on my mind,
About those who solicit, endorse and campaign...
Their dislikes and indifferences,
With a bigotry and a hatred to inflame that remains...
As days pass with their dislikes allowed,
Kept for each other and heating up fast.
And permitted to exist...
While crooks laugh to pocket all the cash.
Divide and split among themselves then dash.

Whose taxes to be paid,
That are growing higher by the minute...
Gets them decreased after having their hatred,
Kept to keep distracted from the facts of life.
Who is it with a bigotry fed to feed notices this?

And who is it that has found their hatred beneficial?
When the facts remain...
Their delusions kept are under attack.
No one I am aware dares to make such threats.
To then attempt to impress like that.
When their living near poverty conditions,
And 'thisclose' to homelessness...
Leaves them unable to afford to make,
OR create such ridiculous pretentions to fake.
To have them remotely believed to be addressed.

And not 'one' explanation given makes sense.
As to why the increase of violence and crime exists.
To leave those fighting over the color of one's skin.
With more attention paid at an expense,
No one can afford to pay.
But more interest is spent on this...
Than a quality of life diminishing from eyesight.
To accept blinding ignorance as a way of life.

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