(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Distracting Traps

Distracting traps,
Cleverly used to attract.
With a purpose to have minds focused,
On what one does to repeatedly dislike...
Seldom leaves,
Those who choose wilfully...
To remain irritated and annoyed.
Until they discover to find themselves,
Munching to nibble with bigger bites.
On that which had been claimed,
Tasteless and rude.
Immoral and against set laws and rules.
Day and night 24/7.
Their attention is given,
To the one to be claimed...
Has tarnished and defamed,
Long established values obtained.
But supporting this instead of ignore,
They can not seem to do.
And the culprit who distracts with traps,
Adores what is being done.
Knowing just what to do.
With the giving them more and more of it.
To watch,
Them dislike but can not resist,
Giving the attention...
By one like this gets.
Staying to occupy their minds.
Without one dime to pay for it!

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