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Twinkling in the eyes of blind,
Dancing to the tunes of lame,
Singing voices of the dumb,
Hearing out to each ear deaf…
I see it lurking everywhere!

‘Distress, is bad! ’
Says who?

For, the blind sees not, the evil world.
The lame feels not, the ruffian land.
The dumb speaks not, amidst the fools.
The deaf hears not, the hurting words.

Having scrutinized the globe
We find fault and stop,
but do not probe!
? ? ?

Malevolence rules man’s mind.
What good has an able man done the world?
Extended no cooperation (to nature)
Gifted frustration. (Inhuman relationships)
Limited imagination. (Terrorism, corruption…)
Proved, a futile creation.

He forgets that he lives just a while,
A passing phase, connects a mile
between life and death.

Blessed is he, who senses not
The world, this earth.
And, works all life, towards his goal.
Recognizes the divine supreme
Yes, it does realize a different dream
Distress is a distinct stream.
Reticent, unfamiliar theme…

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