(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Can racist sentiments,
Be so historically embedded...
As to affix itself to a mindset,

Never to be thawed.
Never to reflect,
Upon a hatred directed...
From others it does not suspect.
To eventually leave this nonsense,
With only weapons used upon itself,
When upset.
And destroying the beginning,
To end those living in innocence.

And the aspect of it,
Shown as expressed by those...
Not willing to address,
The effects of their increased isolation.
The imploding of their mental illnesses.

Can a people be so blind,
As to the dependence they will find...
From those who will one day leave them behind,
With nothing but egos upon which to feed.

Already the signs of this,
Has begun a willingness...
By those who actually control their lives,
With a severing of their ties and patience.
With no regret.

And economically...
Those who open and close those purse strings,
Could care less about the deluded pretentiousness...
Kept to praise by a people disturbed!
Showing they are perturbed,
Withn an indirect effectiveness.

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