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Disturbing World
(1926 / Prescott, Arizona)

Disturbing World

Poem By Franklin J. Warren

At eighty I no longer give a whit,

About most in this world so full of it!

Ten thousand belief systems they adore,

Knowing not that religion is a whore!

Designed by those who wish to control,

And make others fear for their soul,

Such abysmal ignorance and stupidity,

It requires for it to be!

They go to their house of worship and believe,

Those parasitic charlatans that deceive,

By spouting words written by men,

About the things they call a sin!

Depends on which belief system, what that is,

Perhaps drinking something with a fizz,

This idiocy goes on and on without respite,

And all of it is such tripe!

The flock never thinks individually for themselves,

And as a group put their lives upon shelves,

Designed for their control by parasites,

Caring naught for the individual plights!

The parasites will offer platitudes and sympathy,

But look behind their words so you can see,

What the ultimate results occur from this,

And realize it's geared more for their bliss!

Take a look at a religion that believes,

In killing all those that do not believe,

n the same thing they do,

Now don't they have a loose screw?

Or those that believe in worshipping cows,

I ask you just what that endows?

Perhaps even rats or snakes,

This idiocy never abates!

Even back to the Egyptians that worshipped RA,

The first individual deity conjured up by a Pharaoh,

Before that the deities were plural and many,

Now some still are which adds to the insanity!

Some show their belief and pray,

Simply futility on any day,

ests have shown this is of no benefit,

Yet those of belief continue this Bullsh-t!

Such wasted faith and wasted time,

Better spent doing something kind,

There's no one looking over your shoulder to say,

What you did held them at bay!

This stupidity has been passed down through the ages,

By parents that act as if they are sages,

Because this ignorance is what they have been taught,

Never realizing it is all for aught!

And if you challenge one of these nuts belief system,

They want to kill you with such vigor and vim,

And with such glee because they are obsessed, A

nd think that when they do they will be blessed!

As long as ignorance, stupidity and superstition has hold,

It will do no good for the intelligent and bold,

To try to change this because the believers choose,

Their faith as if drunk on booze!

No amount of fact will change their attitude,

And if you try they will be rude,

And relegate you to the discard pile,

As if non-belief is very vile!

These imbeciles bury their dead and act,

s if they will arise again is a fact,

Only the worms will gain,

For the person will never be seen again!

All this requires an ignorance of the knowledge acquired,

And in their ignorance stay mired,

In a belief system with no basis in fact,

And just shows the brains they lack!

With the abysmal lack of intellect among this race,

One has to come to terms and face,

The fact that, unless they face reality,

This stupidity will always be!

With a universe so large and faced with annihilation,

By asteroids so huge and speed from creation,

That could reduce our planet to rubble,

The believers stay in their belief bubble!

If they would only get their heads out of their rear,

Perhaps in some a touch of intellect may appear,

And bring to bear on the real problems of this world,

Constructive ideas that may save this little cosmic burl!

Yet looking at the history of our past,

I fear this stupidity will last and last,

And if they ever do become awake,

I fear by then it will be too late!

If our planet isn't the insane asylum for outer space,

They could not find a better place,

Its occupants are already in that category,

And believe in some deity that will take them to glory!

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