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Diverse Angels
GR (2/16/94 / San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Diverse Angels

How can you change an angel to fit your description?

Why change what's different? It ruins the diversity of life.

What you feel is keen perception of perfection is destruction of beauty.

How can you see the greatness of life in conformity making this a normalcy?

This torture of ones very existence and the persistence of hatred and their minds and inner self are no longer sacred,

but rather part of the issue and this hatred continues to ensue and produce 'better' versions off of the factory lines,

and the steady rate of 'perfection' inclines.

However, the Phoenix must fly and burn and will return regardless of what prophets say,

simply because you wish it, will not make it that way.

The great fire will burn bright in front of the eyes of the resistant, repentant, oppressors, aggressors, and obsessors

of the personal beauty.

Which they cannot see, is in fact a deformity, of the life God made it to be.

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