(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Diversity Accepted

The game that is played,
Has its way to display...
A broadened array,
Of who is selected to participate.
A hiring of more non-whites,
Hired to move the goal posts further away.
Excites and delights,
Those in various fields of play.
With it proving,
A diversity accepted...
Meets those requirements to achieve.
And can believe them to satisfy,
All who identify them observed.
Knowing the future is here,
To have arrived.

They are moving the goal posts further away."

-I know.
Isn't it great?
And decades ago,
They would never have hired,
So many to do it.
This is progress being made.
Right before our eyes.
Who knew we would live to see this day.-

The enlightenment is unbelievable to witness! "

-You can say that again.-

"The enlightenment to believe it,
Is still yet to be witnessed."

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