(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Divide And Conquer

Little has a difference been made,
By those seeking to extend...
Their acquired experiences to share,
With others in the hope...
To enlighten them by what one has learned,
About how opportunities are created.
And left to exist for the benefit of many.
There are those who refuse,
The receiving of free and concrete advice.
To believe a getting of their own attention,
Makes the attempt of doing this...
Impresses and addresses a few who may express,
An accomplishment achieved that receives success.
Just to hear it mentioned.
Seldom does the feeling of being better than the rest,
Gets a badge of honor,
To place on a boasting chest to get.
Seldom do opportunities remain to stay effective.
Especially when some with divide and conquer,
Attitudes on their limited minds...
Find much too late at the dawn of awakening,
That if anyone willing to donate their time for free...
To have others benefit,
Rarely is that person doing this...
Without a profit made to put into one's pocket,
Runs to a secret place for a massaging of an ego.
And people too ignorant asleep with no vision,
Can be often heard protesting...
About being left behind to find no opportunities.
While a few who do take them and run.

You had opportunities.'

We didn't see any opportunities.~

'You can not see,
What you don't have patience to allow and listen...
As to how opportunities,
Are developed to create.
Then to connect to make others.
But you do have abilities to prevent them, don'tcha?
And for years your opprtunities have come,
To be chased away.'

~Oh no you didn't?
But see,
Clearly you don't understand.
We did not like what was said to us.
Or the way people were dressing.
Talking to us all...'Uppity'.
You feel me?
King Of Wisdom.
We are down to Earth.~

Put the shovel to mettle and deep into the core.
You've been down to Earth your entire lives.
What 'are' your 'true' complaints?
Have they been...
Evaluated? '

~'E' what?
Put the shovel into what in deep to core who?
There you go.
Once again.
Trying to talk 'fancy' to place blame on us.~

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